Industrial Computers

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Vartech 1.jpgVartech Systems Inc. (USA)                                                                                              

Military, Marine and Chemical Processes computers and LCD displays.                                                    

  1. Sunlight Readable Displays (LED & CCFL)                                                             
  2. IP65/IP66 (NEMA 4/4X) rated Industrial grade TFT Flat Panels                                              
  3. IP67 (NEMA 6) Ultra-Rugged Submersible LCDs
  4. Marine & Military grade Display Systems
  5. Vartech 2.jpgIndustrial Workstations, Panel PCs and Mobile Computers                                               
  6. Hazardous Area HMI Systems
  7. Specialty Process Controls Compatible Displays                                       
  8. Customized Products                                                                                               


Themis (USA)

High end industrial computers & boards VME CPCI, solaris for ships, shock proof.



Fastwel Russia

Industrial SBCs & Rugged Box-PCs PC/104,EPIC, 3.5", cPCI, VEM, CCMs, Custom Board, Industrial Box and Panel PCs. Most of these products operate at the temperature range from -40C to 85C and withstand high level of shock, vibration (50G/5G) and humidity (up to 95% noncondensing).


Diamond Systems USA

PC-104 wide temperature -40°C ~ 85°C single board computers and boards.